Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Whoa, Fiber Jedi! The Syth Lord Vi Ral-ILL Ness has been clawing at the Outer Rim of Immune System Funky C. In a suprise move by rebel White Blood Cell leader Mom, the entire galaxy was shut down for a day of rest. The complete picture is scary beyond all reason, but here are the highlights:

System Funky C exploring new orbital heating unit:

Note the use of formerly blogged hand spun yarn and her sisters. A kid mohair was thrown in just for kicks. Very Funky. Very C. Matching Wonder Woman cuffs in progress.

Back up heating units brought into battle ready position:

Scratchy orange sport weight socks knit by the departed, but still much loved Grandma Tanguay. Bless her for these on a day such as today.

The blue thing is my fav' winter nighty. Curse it not, for I loves it. And you'll have to excuse the well scaled, hairy legs. Nobody's shavin' nothin' until the Ides of March at least.

The orbital heating unit appears to work even on Sattelites:


buster defudge said...

looks more better on da satellite

teri springer said...

I think it looks great on both. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't shave in the winter....of course, we actually do have good company in this but I can't name names as they are prominent in the world of art quilts but ONE lucky lady (initials SB) doesn't even HAVE hair on her legs!! I wouldn't either if I could afford the $3000-$4000 laser treatment would cost.