Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hi, It's Me

I'm Cathy Arnett and I live at this blog. You can call me Funky C. I try everyday to be funky, or at least not a loser. Sometimes I call myself Super Spec....a small, persistent gadfly pushing through existence in the face of a giagantemous universe. Some of you know me as Betty Sow DeFudge, but that's another story.

This blog is not dead. It's been on vacation, in rehab, taking a sabbatical. It's used up it's personal days. But it is not dead. In my head, it's alive and well. I continue to think in blog tense. 'Oh, this'd make a great blog pic'....'Gee, I should really blog about this project' get me.

Why now do I choose to blog? Another blog under my care Scraps of Grace, needed some editing. A weird text thing jumped in where there should have been apostrophes. After fixing that and staring at the blogger desktop, I thought, 'What could it hurt?' So I decided to throw a few notes up here.

What's new with me? Not much and lots...all at the same time. Daily life continues at it's frantic pace with ball games and evening meetings. I've managed to sneak a few fiber activities in and around the everyday. Most notable is my new Spinning Wheel. Spinning has been a distant dream for me, right up there with weaving. I suddenly found myself in the company of spinners. They placed fiber and tools in my hands. (dern fiber artists...worse than crack pushers, I tell ya') It feels so eerily natural, like waking to some weird deja vous. I fight the entrancement every moment and try to remember to feed my family.

We've also acquired new family members...three baby guinea pigs. Two were picked out by children and one by moi for it's fabulous subtle taupy-cocoa color and it's snuggly personality. They're all adorable and their presence in my home officially marks the outnumbering of humans by pets. I, The Momminator, meanest parent this side of the Mississippi, have called a !Cease Fire! more pets. Well, except the hermit crab still needs a roommate. (sigh) So much for sticking to my guns.

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flwrhead said...

I'm afraid to start spinning; I think I'd be drawn into it like Sleeping Beauty. Knitting is obsessive enough. Maybe you can collect hair from the guinea pigs and spin it.

I have the same problem with apostrophes turning into slash marks, but only on my sidebar. Crazy internets!