Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Star Girl

The things I do for kids that come to vacation Bible school:


But then, my husband superglued a bone to his nose. Don't even ask!

fiberliciously yours,
Funky C


Julie said...

I personly believe that is a little creepy. Maybe you just remind me too much of a clown and clowns are scary.

jenclair said...

I drove by a church advertising their Vacation Bible School. Such fond memories! I loved every crafty project, every Bible verse, every snack. The creepiest (or most fascinating) mememory is of a little boy named Nick who had a glass eye and promised to take it out. Since he never did, I don't know if I was a gullible 7 year old or simply unlucky enough to have missed the event. We moved and changed churches, so I never found out for sure.